Beauty: Wash n’ Go Tutorial 4b/4c Hair

I have taken an EXTREMELY long hiatus from my blog, as well as YouYube. I’m ashamed because I was just getting started! But I recently graduated and I’m on summer break so I have no excuse.

To give you a bit of an update I FINALLY did the big chop! Since then I’ve cut my hair again and I’m rocking a high top fade Grace Jones/Kid style lol. I don’t wear it picked out often, and I actually prefer to wear my hair in a curly state. When I first cut it I tried the twist outs, and braid outs, and bantu knot outs and to be honest I didn’t like it. I actually like my hair in a shrunken state rather than stretched. With that being said the Wash n’ go became my best friend!

Now it sounds like I just get out of the shower and head out the door but that’s not exactly the case. It involves some gel to define the curls and a bit of drying time so If you have somewhere to go you better do this early! I use to use a diffuser to dry my hair but I’ve found that letting my hair air dry produces the best results. Instead of typing out step by step exactly what I do, I’ve made a video to show you guys! Check it out!


Beauty: Lets Not Forget About Hair!

Today I thought about something that I haven’t talked about in any of my beauty posts and that’s hair. Hair is a part of every woman’s beauty regimen so I figured it was about time I gave it some spotlight. I have had relaxed hair since the 4th grade and this year I made the decision to go natural. My last relaxer was in February of this year and I plan to do the big chop in February of 2014. Even though its been almost a year I’ve been having reservations but hopefully by February I’ll be able to overcome my fear. In my previous posts I have Marley Twists installed in my hair. I did them myself and I was so proud of myself! It took me about 2 days because I had to go to work in between. I kept them in for about a month and when I took them out yesterday I needed a new protective hairstyle. I remember seeing YouTube tutorials about updos with the Marley Hair used to create the twists so I decided to recreate one of those looks with one of my extra packs of Marley Hair. Here’s the final result!

P.S.-These are some of the first shots I took with my new camera!

This is the tutorial I used to create this bun


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