Fashion: The Sweater I MUST Have!!!

This sweater…gave me LIFE! LOL! So my best friend, my boyfriend, and I were at the mall doing some last-minute Christmas shopping the week before Christmas, and me and my bff always have to go in forever 21. She thinks she’s a horrible gifter so declared the rule that I had to pick out a gift while I was there and she would buy it. I planned to pretended that nothing caught my eye…that was until I saw the sweater! The colors were so vibrant, and that print was just so different. I took one look at it and IMMEDIATELY knew what I would wear it with. I looked on the rack to find a size small but all they had were mediums. No big deal, I knew that sweater would look better worn oversized to I resigned to get the medium until I held it up to me. It was already designed to be oversized and if I would have gotten a medium it would have been like wearing a dress. I was heartbroken. We left the mall but the next morning I was still thinking about I! I hopped on my laptop and went to the forever 21 website and checked their new sweater inventory. I was SO excited when I found it! It’s called the Rainbow Maize Sweatshirt. I fully plan to order it this Friday (thank goodness for payday) and once it arrives an OOTD will be coming your way!!!


Fun: D.I.Y. Crochet Infinity Scarf

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you all had a blessed holiday filled with family and fun. Mine was very laid back, and I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s fun to receive gifts but it can be even more fun to give them. One gift I gave two of my family members was the product of one of my favorite hobbies…crocheting! I made two super easy infinity scarfs thanks again to the wonderful creation that is YouTube. However, I’ve known how to do the most basic of crochet stitches since I was little thanks to my grandma. Last year I decided to pick it up again and I was definitely rusty, that’s why I turned to YouTube. I learned how to make cute little animals in a style of crochet called amigurumi. But that hobby slowly died and I hadn’t picked it back up until the same time this year, lol. I decided I wanted to make a cute scarf but after I got halfway through I figured it would be a good Christmas gift. I can always make myself another one later. If I would have been REALLY smart I could have made them before the holidays and sold them for a little extra Christmas money! But, there’s still cold days ahead so it’s not too late! I would say in total it took me about 4 hours but that’s because technically I’m still a beginner and I took a couple breaks, but I think it’s totally worth the time. A great craft for those lazy days, and its VERY relaxing. Here’s the video I watched and others to teach you a few crochet basics!

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