Beauty: Lets Not Forget About Hair!

Today I thought about something that I haven’t talked about in any of my beauty posts and that’s hair. Hair is a part of every woman’s beauty regimen so I figured it was about time I gave it some spotlight. I have had relaxed hair since the 4th grade and this year I made the decision to go natural. My last relaxer was in February of this year and I plan to do the big chop in February of 2014. Even though its been almost a year I’ve been having reservations but hopefully by February I’ll be able to overcome my fear. In my previous posts I have Marley Twists installed in my hair. I did them myself and I was so proud of myself! It took me about 2 days because I had to go to work in between. I kept them in for about a month and when I took them out yesterday I needed a new protective hairstyle. I remember seeing YouTube tutorials about updos with the Marley Hair used to create the twists so I decided to recreate one of those looks with one of my extra packs of Marley Hair. Here’s the final result!

P.S.-These are some of the first shots I took with my new camera!

This is the tutorial I used to create this bun



Photo Credit:

LOOK WHAT I GOT FOR  CHRISTMAS!!!! My WONDERFUL boyfriend got me the camera I wanted! I’ve been asking for a good quality digital camera for years but the price tag tends to be my downfall. This one is now on sale for $100 at Walmart IN STORES ONLY which is a great deal for such a top of the line camera. I think it’s a good entry-level Cannon that I will cherish until it falls apart. No more cell phone pics for me! (Unless it’s just more convenient at the time, lol). I really hope that I can get up the courage to begin making YouTube videos as well. I’m going to have to pray about that one. Visit for a list of specs.

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Fashion: The Sweater I MUST Have!!!

This sweater…gave me LIFE! LOL! So my best friend, my boyfriend, and I were at the mall doing some last-minute Christmas shopping the week before Christmas, and me and my bff always have to go in forever 21. She thinks she’s a horrible gifter so declared the rule that I had to pick out a gift while I was there and she would buy it. I planned to pretended that nothing caught my eye…that was until I saw the sweater! The colors were so vibrant, and that print was just so different. I took one look at it and IMMEDIATELY knew what I would wear it with. I looked on the rack to find a size small but all they had were mediums. No big deal, I knew that sweater would look better worn oversized to I resigned to get the medium until I held it up to me. It was already designed to be oversized and if I would have gotten a medium it would have been like wearing a dress. I was heartbroken. We left the mall but the next morning I was still thinking about I! I hopped on my laptop and went to the forever 21 website and checked their new sweater inventory. I was SO excited when I found it! It’s called the Rainbow Maize Sweatshirt. I fully plan to order it this Friday (thank goodness for payday) and once it arrives an OOTD will be coming your way!!!

Fashion: Leopard and High Waisted Denim

This OOTD is one of my most favorite outfits that I have ever worn. The shirt I had been wanting to wear for a long time I just never had the right pair of high-waisted jeans to wear it with. It’s a leopard print crop top that I got from a local thrift store. I didn’t wear it during the summer because it’s actually a cropped sweater. The pants I got from a local boutique and I was SO excited to find them. I had been wanting a pair of distressed high-waisted acid wash jeans all summer and I was hoping I could find a pair for under $40. has quite a few pairs but my size was always sold out. I may do a few posts later about some of my favorite local shopping spots since I always seem to snag rare finds.  The boots I got about a year or two ago from a mall, but they’re just a basic black pair of combat boots. The necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry that I got from Forever 21 about a year ago as well. I need to invest in a lot more jewelry because I honestly don’t have that much, just a few staple pieces. I wore this outfit for just a casual night out to grab something to eat with friends and see a movie. Sometimes I like my casual a bit over the top 🙂 Here’s where you can find similar items.

Leopard Crop Top

High Waisted Jeans

Combat Boots

Gold Bib Necklace

I found the exact necklace on the Forever 21 website but they now only have it in SILVER

Fun: D.I.Y. Crochet Infinity Scarf

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you all had a blessed holiday filled with family and fun. Mine was very laid back, and I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s fun to receive gifts but it can be even more fun to give them. One gift I gave two of my family members was the product of one of my favorite hobbies…crocheting! I made two super easy infinity scarfs thanks again to the wonderful creation that is YouTube. However, I’ve known how to do the most basic of crochet stitches since I was little thanks to my grandma. Last year I decided to pick it up again and I was definitely rusty, that’s why I turned to YouTube. I learned how to make cute little animals in a style of crochet called amigurumi. But that hobby slowly died and I hadn’t picked it back up until the same time this year, lol. I decided I wanted to make a cute scarf but after I got halfway through I figured it would be a good Christmas gift. I can always make myself another one later. If I would have been REALLY smart I could have made them before the holidays and sold them for a little extra Christmas money! But, there’s still cold days ahead so it’s not too late! I would say in total it took me about 4 hours but that’s because technically I’m still a beginner and I took a couple breaks, but I think it’s totally worth the time. A great craft for those lazy days, and its VERY relaxing. Here’s the video I watched and others to teach you a few crochet basics!

Beauty: First Full Face!

IMG_2343Well I finally put all that makeup I got during cyber monday to good use. I’m no professional but I don’t think I did half bad! My only complaint would have to be the foundation. I think I may need a slightly darker shade, or instead of mixing the two shades I’ll just stick with the darker of the two. If you didn’t see my post on it, the foundation I used was the Maybelline Fit Me in colors 330 and 340. 330 is the lighter shade.

Two other products I used that I haven’t mentioned in any of my posts are the powder  and concealer. To set the foundation I used the Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder in Topaz. Yes, I had to hop on the Ben Nye craze. For those who don’t know, the Ben Nye Banana Powder is what Kim Kardashian revealed that she uses to achieve the perfect highlight. What’s so amazing about the banana powder is that it compliments practically ANY skin tone. I’m a beginner so I decided to stay away from the banana powder because I didn’t want to end up looking like a complete ghost. I do plan to add it to my collection later. I did attempt some highlighting and contouring but clearly I need a bit more practice. To highlight I used the LA Girl’s HD Pro conceal in the color Fawn. Again I learned about these on YouTube. LA Girl’s products are sold in stores like Family Dollar, or any local Beauty Supply store, therefore I was shocked when MUA’s that use high-end products like MAC were raving about these concealers. They retail for no more than $2, maybe $2.50 at the most and come in a wide variety of shades, including darker shades for women of color. I snagged three colors from a seller on eBay. To blend out the concealer I used a little egg-shaped sponge that I got off eBay as well. The original sponge like this is called the Beauty Blender but I got two  dupes for it for less than $3. I’ll be sure to list where to find each of these items.

On my eyes I used my BH Cosmetics 120 Pallete (2nd Edition), and on my lips I have an e.l.f. moisturizing lipstick in Ravishing Rose. I am IN LOVE with this color! I’ll probably wear it almost every day.

There was one other issue that I had that is  probably not related to the makeup. A couple of hours after wearing the makeup my skin was a bit oily in my t zone and especially on my cheeks. I have oily skin and I am trying out a new skin care regimen that may need some adjusting. I’ll post about my skin care routine also. I plan to keep practicing and hopefully my work will improve. Visit my post about my E.L.F. Cyber Monday Haul to see all the e.l.f. products I used. Here’s a list of where you can find the other items.

Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder: Topaz

L.A. Girl’s HD Pro Conceal

“Beauty Blender” Sponge

Fashion: Tribal Scarf

IMG_2303 This OOTD is all about this scarf I stumbled across in my local Roses discount department store. It’s not somewhere I normally go looking for clothing, but I have found decent accessories (including a bag that I fully intend to go back and snag). I walked towards the accessories and laying down by itself, separate from the other scarves, I saw this one! I grabbed it up and when I looked at the price I couldn’t believe it was only $4! I thought to myself, I have no clue what I’m going to wear it with but I’m getting it!

I decided to pair it with a lightweight white sweater with a lacey overlay that I got from Plato’s Closet. If you don’t know about that store it is AMAZING! I’ll have to do a post about it later. I wore a pair of dark wash skinny jeans from Rue21 and a pair of taupe oxford flats from some random shoe store in a mall. To top it all off I added a navy peacoat from It was a laid back day so ignore my un-made up face.

Where you can find these items:

Scarf: I’m shocked that I actually found it online!

Shoes:  There are many other cute colors available!

Coat: It runs a bit large so order a size down. I’ve had this coat for about 3 years, I’m surprised they still have it!

Fun: D.I.Y. Stiletto Nails

I fell in love with nail art during my sophomore year in high school, after watching a couple of nail tutorials on YouTube. I didn’t think I would be very good at it but I decided to give it a go anyway. I bought some glue on full coverage nails, some new polish and a nail art brush, and gave it a whirl. To my surprise I was actually good at it! I decided to abandon the glue on nails because they didn’t last long, and grew out my natural nails instead. All that year I was obsessed with doing my nails but during by junior year it just stopped. I got so busy with school work that I just forgot all about doing my nails. Plus it seemed like they weren’t as strong as they had been before because they were constantly breaking. I did miss having fancy nails though.

I still kept up with nail trends despite not having my nails done and for my senior prom I just HAD to have stiletto nails. I went to a local salon and got french tip stiletto nails with a simple abstract design on each ring finger to match my dress. In about 2 weeks I went back to the nail salon for a fill in and I showed the nail tech a picture of a leopard print design I wanted on my nails. I could not believe what he said next…he told me he couldn’t do it, and he insisted that it wasn’t a free-handed design. He believed it to be a nail sticker or airbrushed. I just settled for simple zebra print but in my head I was thinking “I could do this myself, this is the last time im wasting my money here”. I fully planned to go out and buy an acrylic nail kit but I just couldn’t get up the courage, it seemed like such a daunting task.

This year I FINALLY went out and bought the kit, about three weeks ago actually. It’s the Complete Salon Acrylic Nail Kit by Kiss. It comes with EVERYTHING you need to do a set of acrylic nails and a couple fill ins. It comes with tips, acrylic liquid and powder, primer, a brush, and even a dappen dish. I bought a pretty pinky-nude color by wet and wild to paint my nails with. Since im a beginner I’m not gonna lie, it takes me about 3 hours to prep my nails, lay the acrylic, and paint them. Today however I gave myself a fill in and I went a bit faster this time. I don’t have a nail dryer so I used my blow dryer on the cool setting to speed up drying time. I went with a glittery red color by Sally Hansen and on my ring fingers added gold leopard print. Christmas colors done fierce! Practice makes perfect and hopefully I can use this skill to make a little spare change in college. Heres a list of the items and where you can find them. Happy painting!

Click to See Where to Purchase Each Item

Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Nail Kit

Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color: Private Viewing

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear: Red Carpet

Fun: Check out Mo&Mi!

I just had to tell you about two amazing girls that are not only D.I.Y. at its’ finest, but an inspiration to me as well. Even though we are the same age, I see them as role models and I’m so thankful to be able to call them my friends. Keren (Monse) and Miriam are two young ladies that have started their own business making beautiful handmade hair bows for girls of all ages. Not only do they make hair bows, they make headbands and hair clips as well. Despite a demanding school schedule they still manage to find time to sell their hair accessories at local events, and maintain excellent grades. Their  business is not just about making money, they give back to the community as well. They even sent bows to young girls in Guatemala. Best of all these girls have a very strong faith in God and you can tell from their success that they are truly blessed. I fully believe that they will go very far in life, and will do great things. PLEASE check out their website and see about getting your hands on these lovely bows!

Mo&Mi Website:

Keren (Mo) and Miriam

Keren (Monse) and Miriam

Look! I was featured on their page modeling one of their bows!


Beauty: Arrival of E.L.F. Goodies!!!

So the e.l.f. products from my Cyber Monday haul have FINALLY arrived! I’m super excited! I’m so ready to try out each product and review them. This week I have finals but after Thursday I’ll have more time to focus on my blog. Here’s some pics of the stuff I got(especially my 11 piece studio brush set)! More detailed review coming later!

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