Beauty: I’ve Found The Cure!

I’ve…..been….CURED!!! Lol, I’m sure you want to know what the heck I’m talking about soooo…..I’ve been cured of cake face!!!!! By cake face I mean the gross appearance my makeup takes on at the end of the day after having worn makeup all day and my pores have made my face the site of the next great oil spill in America -_- . I have very oily skin and once I started wearing makeup I realized that oily skin and makeup does not mix. I’m still fairly new to the makeup game so I was in a panic! I was planning to change my foundation (Maybelline Fit Me), I was seeking out new facial cleansers, and I gave up on my primer (ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer)! I turned to YouTube for a miracle cure to oily skin while wearing makeup and found this….



Say hello to my new face primer! This stuff is a God send! All the ladies on YouTube were spot on when they said this stuff worked. I didn’t even get name brand, I just grabbed a bottle from my local Dollar Tree. Before I apply my makeup I still make sure to cleanse my face and apply moisturizer. Next I take my finger and rub some milk of magnesia on my cheeks and in my t-zone cause those are the areas that tend to get oily. Once it dries I apply my makeup as usual and head out! I get ready for school at about 10am and when I get home at about 9pm there is no oil slick on my face. I had went and bought blotting papers to control the oil and I honestly have had no need for them. Here are some pictures of my face on Monday at about 2pm and at about 10:30 after I got home from work.

Most inexpensive face primer ever you guys! Have any of you tried it, or plan to? Comment below and let me know!

– Nashea

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6 thoughts on “Beauty: I’ve Found The Cure!

      • That’s soooooo how I felt last summer. It’s hard to be an oily girl I swear! It’s surely enough to make you shed a tear. I will say that because I’ve it’s ingredients I don’t use it all the time but I do use it.

  1. Just a head’s up, this isn’t recommended for long term use. Short term is probably okay BUT..

    M.O.M has a really high pH and is made to neutralize stomach acid and it works for that but it’s not a good idea to put this on skin because skin is meant to be acidic.

    By putting this on your skin, it neutralizes the skin and leaves it very vulnerable. Acid is there to protect our skin and without it, you’re exposing your skin to a lot of harmful bacteria! You might not be getting any reactions now but you are damaging your skin by doing this.

    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.. I just don’t want you to damage your skin now and see it later 😦

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